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Hello! I’ve not really made a long blog post for a long time. I’ll do it today! I recently went to a school trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. It was really an eye opener for me. Everything seemed so different! In Vietnam, you don’t have to follow the traffic lights! You can cross the road where or when you want to do so. That’s crazy right. Over the 5 days in Hanoi, we visited a bunch of tourist attractions such as Woman’s Museum and also The Hanoi Hilton which an old Vietnamese Prison which used to hold Prisoners from the war in Vietnam. Be it Americans, French and even Vietnamese. I’ve also made some friends from the trip and yes they were awesome. I’ll miss every single one of them. But I’m not missing the food though. We ate almost the same thing everyday! Hahaha. And yes I’ll miss Hanoi though the place is a little bit too weird for me. I’ll post some pictures of the trip along with this post. :D



This needed a Gifset urgenty.



"Rocktard got a bow and arrow!" [x]

It’s hard for me to share anything personal to anyone anymore. I’ll keep it to myself from today onwards.


Masked hero hauls bags, babies up and down Tokyo subway stairs

(Photo by Reuters)

In a green outfit with silver trim and matching mask, a superhero waits by the stairs of a Tokyo subway station, lending his strength to the elderly, passengers lugging heavy packages and mothers with baby strollers.

The slender 27-year-old has spent three months being a good Samaritan at the station on Tokyo’s western side. Like many in the city, it has neither elevators nor escalators and a long flight of dimly lit stairs.

Read more about the story on Yahoo! Singapore

Because when I stop caring, it’ll be the end.
I stay hidden everytime. I wish I could be the same again.
I miss the old me.